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Our favourite treehouses in Scotland

To the North of England sits an incredible 77,910km² of mountains, hills, forests, highlands and lowlands. No inch the same as the next, no shortage of majestic animals, heart stopping views or vast open spaces. So magical, so epic, it has a unique type of woodland, ‘Caledonian forest’ – a Roman name, which now represents forest so untouched, so pristine, it’s regarded as ‘pre-human settlement forest’. To see Scotland at its wildest, its most breath-taking and its most unforgettable, we rounded up our favourite five treehouses to eye it from.

1. Nuthatch Treehouse

Erected on a carefully cultured patch of the Scottish Lowlands, Nuthatch Treehouse is actually a quintuplet, and is surrounded by her four other sister treehouses. Defining what makes her special is a tricky affair. You could look to the obvious, the outdoor copper bath, or the large French doors that lead from the lounge complete with plush sofa and log burner – to the decking outside where the al fresco dining area sits refreshingly under the tree canopy. But you’d have missed perhaps the most impressive part – the trees that once stood here, are in fact… still standing here. Making their way through the actual floors and ceilings of the building, perhaps the most literal low impact build we’ve ever seen.

2. Treecreeper Treehouse

Like a fairy tale, Treecreeper seemingly summons all manner of woodland creatures to her doorstep – deer on the periphery, and red squirrels along the treetops. Unlike a fairy tale, she is not the ugly sister – her sister treehouses and her are all equally as stunning. As for size, and we’re not one to judge, Treecreeper is not lacking. With a spacious lounge/dining room/kitchen, the space feels airy and easy to live in, especially given the modern kitchen, outfitted with everything you’d need to feed two as easily as four. A little further away from the smattering of treehouses that Treecreeper sits in, there’s a river running adjacent, and the most quick-footed of guests will enjoy a picnic in the River Hut on its banks – as it’s first come first served.

3. Sandystones Treehouse

Seclusion is the name of the game out in the Scottish Borders, and Sandystones Treehouse is out there showing it off in droves. You’ll find Sandystones at the end of a 25-metre walkway, though you wouldn’t know for being near – it’s hidden away from all roads and other houses, and has to be accessed from half a mile of farm track. Set on the grounds of a 600-acre mixed farm, there’s plenty of animals to see, let alone wildlife, and with the River Ale running through the site, and a mere stones throw from the treehouse – there’s plenty of wildlife too.

4. Brockloch Treehouse

Staying in a treehouse is always a unique experience, let alone staying at Brockloch treehouse, where this contemporary eco-build treehouse has been constructed with both its environment and its guests in mind. Off the grid, it uses solar panels for its electricity, though during the day – its unusual design floods the space with light, and creates a sun dappled interior to match the sun dappled exterior under the tree canopy outside. There’s much to see on site, from working life on the farm, to the local beaches and a great deal more. If you’re looking to escape from the world, however, we suggest you take a peek at the bathtub…

5. Stilt House

New to the collection, but no amateur – Stilt House was first constructed 20 years ago, and has long lived as accommodation and a studio space for artists. It’s pretty easy to see why this space would serve as inspiration, and even easier to imagine yourself there. The interior is a carefully cultured space where every glance offers a gander at something stunning. Outside? There’s your own personal pond (we prefer the term micro-lake, but whatever), where you’ll find yourself wild swimming, and cooling off before you throw dinner on the Kadai firebowl, and eat to the soft crackle of an amber glow.

Treehouses in Scotland with Canopy & Stars

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