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Some things shouldn’t be shared. Whether that’s wandering an art gallery hand in hand, the rows of a vineyard, or the shores of a lochan. For a few days, be a little selfish, just this once, and enjoy a world that’s yours, and yours alone.

Your own... is only one type of experience that features in The Wild 100, our selection of the incredible things that come with our stays. You can see the full 100 here, or sign up to our newsletter and have them sent to you in inspiring episodes over the next few weeks.

Oaken Fort exterior with woodland surrounding
Oaken Fort, Powys

51. Your own kingdom

The Anglo-Welsh border is dotted with the ruins of many a spectacular fort – but there’s few left standing, and only one still fit for royalty – Oaken Fort. If you thought the views were good from the dramatic picture window – you should try gazing at it from the hot tub on the deck.

Outdoor cinema screen with cover and fairy lights
Humboldt, Herefordshire

52. Your own woodland cinema

When you’re not at nearby lakes for wild swimming, taking woodworking courses onsite, or all hands on deck at the BBQ and smoker, you can wander on down to the outdoor cinema, and watch classics under the canopy. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

The Artist's House sculpture pond
The Artist's House, Edinburgh

53. Your own private gallery

30 minutes from Edinburgh, you’ll find peace, quiet and inspiration staying at Jupiter Arland, a world-renowned sculpture park. Once an artist’s residence, your stylish cottage has everything you need (including a wood fired hot tub). You’re free to wander the exhibits after hours – all to yourselves.

Humble Bee exterior
Humble Bee, Devon

54. Your own beehive

With the option for an outdoor bath, and the shared hot tub, pretty sweet treats are on the menu at Humble Bee. The wilderness of Dartmoor is a quick bumble away, but you’ll likely want to stay close to the hive-shaped cabin for the ultimate relaxation.

The Grain Silo in field
The Grain Silo, Essex

55. Your own vineyard

It often feels like there’s not enough wine in the world, which is a happy coincidence – at The Grain Silo, you’re on your very own vineyard. Walk the rows of vines with your partner with a glass of the local vintage. As the sun drops, make your way back, and finish with a toast in the hot tub.

Pottery throwing on wheel
Woodlands Farm, Monmouthshire

56. Your own pottery studio

There’s little as relaxing as throwing pots. Let the wheel mesmerise you into dropping those shoulders, and get to working with your hands. Perfect for those wanting a little private tutelage on their ceramics, owner Charles can be called on to give lessons. Try not to hum Unchained Melody.

Person drinking onsite beer
Hop Cabin, Monmouthshire

57. Your own brewery

Named for the key ingredient of Beer, you’re on the site of the Kingstone Brewery here. So, when you’re not brewing yourself in a wood-fired hot tub, strumming guitar on your covered porch, or huddled round the firepit – you can pop into the brewery to try out the selection.

The Nancy Blackett, Somerset

58. Your own island

It might sound like the stuff of dreams, but believe it or not, you’ll be staying on your own tiny island. Surrounded by nature, with a little wooden bridge back to mainland – while away the days cooking in the pizza oven, enjoying slices by the firepit.

Private Lochan with people paddle boarding
Tiny Home Borders, Scottish Borders

59. Your own private lochan

With your own private lochan (small loch), you’re thoroughly spoiled. It’s a ten-minute walk from everything, so you’ll have this little paradise all to yourselves. Take to the paddleboards provided or go even lazier, and warm up in the outdoor bath, and make afternoon snacks in the pizza oven.

A Frame, Herefordshire

60. Your own private wildlife reserve

Sat in 18 acres of wildlife reserve, A Frame promises a few days of breezy serenity. Morning will be serving moka coffee and croissant in bed to a deserving other half. Then the outdoor deluge shower, a tour of the estate, or maybe just lie in the hot tub, and chill. Whatever, it’s all about you.

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