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Glamping in the Lake District

A few days glamping in the Lake District is one of the best things you can possibly do. Waking up in England’s largest national park means being the first person on the peaks, having wild swimming spots to yourself or, if you prefer, dozing in bed in front of unspoilt views of the lesser-known parts of this incredible wilderness. We personally inspect every mountaintop cabin, riverside lodge, bothy and bell tent we work with, making sure they’ll bring you all the freedom and natural highs that make Lake District holidays so awesome.

Our popular place types

These are our most popular glamping place types in the Lake District. Our team have visited every single one personally, to find only the most special and quirky spaces that we just know you'll want to visit.




Shepherd's huts

Shepherd's huts

Barns, bothies and more

Barns, bothies and more

Why book a glamping break with Canopy & Stars?

Because it’s the most relaxing way to travel. Stick a change of clothes in a bag and off you go, with everything you need waiting for you on arrival. Raid farm shops for great local food or stroll to the pub through the woods, then wander back to the most amazing base, surrounded by nature but without all that fiddling with tentpoles.

Recommended places in the Lake District

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In peak season, The Lake District's narrow roads fill with bumper-to-bumper traffic, causing pollution, restricting the lives of locals and, let's face it, making it a much less fun place to visit than it should be. Campaign for National Parks has put together this handy guide for getting to and around The Lake District without your car.

About glamping in the Lake District

Who we are We’re an independent company, based in Bristol, that’s founded on a belief that travel can be better for the planet while losing none of its magic. The places we work with are low impact structures, built by owners who love their land and want to preserve it, but we try and go further, using our charitable trust to help support organisations fighting climate disaster. You can read more about how we’re run, why and what our plans are in our annual impact report.

Why book glamping in the Lake District? Come glamping in the Lake District with us because we’ve been out and found the best places. And we really mean “been out”. We’ve seen the views, tested the beds, tasted the welcome hamper, needed a bit of a sit down, then walked to the pub. We’re also committed to doing our bit for the planet, with tree planting for every booking and part ownership by a charitable trust that uses its share of profits to support environmental campaigns. Mainly though, come glamping in the Lake District because it’s incredibly beautiful there and you’ll love it.

Glamping in the Lake District with us Want to wake up on your own private hill with clouds filling the valley below? Or sit in a hot tub by the river outside a log cabin with not a soul around? This is what glamping in the Lake District with us is all about. We’ve personally inspected every place, looking for those moments of magic that turn a few days away into a memory that comes back to make you smile for years and years.

Is the Lake District really all that special? Well frankly, yes. We have to admit it gets crowded in certain places and in certain seasons, but there’s so much of it to explore and all of it is beautiful. If in doubt, go west. The further you get from the motorway, the more likely you are to have the place to yourself. Getting up early is a good idea too, especially if you’re glamping inside the park. You can be up and on the summits before anyone else has even reached the car park. It rains quite a lot, but as one local once told us, “it has to rain. It’d be the Big Hole in the Ground District otherwise.”

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