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How to make the most of your glamping holiday this summer

How to make the most of your glamping holiday this summer

It looks like it’s going to be another summer spent exploring the UK, but that’s fine when there’s so much fun to be had. To make it extra special, we got together with lifestyle experts Oliver Bonas and created a place where you can experience the best of the UK’s outdoors with a dash of flair. It’s called Summer Solace and it’s on a beautiful part of the Devon coast. Book your stay here and read on for a few ideas on how to make the most of all the Oliver Bonas goodies and the incredible location, or wherever you end up glamping this summer.

Wild swimming glamping holiday

Make a splash

Wild swimming is an incredibly energising way to connect with nature and make a really special holiday memory. You might have a big beach nearby, but ask the owner of the place you’re staying if they have a favourite secret spot.

There’s nothing like splashing about in your own private pool surrounded by trees, or with echoing cliffs above you. Make sure it’s safe to swim, and be ready for the cold - you’ll gasp on the way in, but feel amazing afterwards!

Playing skittles and games on your glamping holiday

Stage your own Olympics

Summon up those memories of family games days in the sun and get out, active and probably a little competitive. Pick teams and set up stations in whatever space you have to hand, maybe the beach or a meadow.

If you’re at Summer Solace, you’ll have games such as ring toss and skittles, as well as a trivia quiz for a big finale, a tie breaker or just when everyone’s run out of steam, but there’s scope for anything you’ve got with or can think up on the day! Winning team gets double marshmallows.

Stargazing on your glamping holiday

See the big picture

One of the best things about glamping spots is that they tend to be away from urban sprawl and its attendant light pollution. This means that on a clear night, you can see a truly breath-taking display of stars and some great detail. Even with a decent pair of binoculars, you can see the rings around Saturn, or examine the grainy surface of the moon. Don’t worry about being an expert though, there are some great apps out there, like Stellarium, to help you get your bearings and navigate the night sky.

Outdoor picnic on your glamping holiday

Pack out for the perfect picnic

Eating outdoors is part of the joy of glamping, but why not go beyond the tin plates and sporks to officially #makeamealofit with a true al fresco dining experience.

Take a bright picnic blanket and maybe a couple of throws, a classic wicker picnic basket, and some fancy tableware and set up like you’re on safari. Scattered cushions and some lanterns can bring a bit of magic to the wilderness.

Get lost and wander through nature on your glamping holiday

Get lost!

Old-fashioned navigation, matching the hills and paths to a map and your own sense of direction, makes for a much more rewarding hike than tramping along with your phone held out in front of you.

It’s always worth having a backup means of working out where you are, but try something as simple as picking an obvious landmark or feature and just heading for it, following what footpaths you see. You’ll find that you’re much more aware of the land around you and get a real sense of adventure. 

Switch off and wind down on your glamping holiday

Switch off and listen to yourself 

It’s been a tough 18 months or so, with all of us glued to the news, hanging on announcements and checking on loved ones. It’s time to take a little time off and get away from social media for a while.

Fill your days with something non-digital and calming. Do a bit of journaling, grab a good long book, meditate or try a little yoga to get back in touch with yourself. A simple walk will do it too - just wandering in the woods and thinking of nothing. Doesn’t that sound good?

Cook a meal on your glamping holiday

Cook a local meal

It’s great to use your glamping trip to explore a new area and one of the best ways to get to know a place is to taste its food. Challenge yourself to make a meal using only ingredients bought nearby and you’ll end up finding remote farm shops, sampling some fine produce and maybe even stopping at those cardboard signs that say “eggs for sale”.

To go all in, find out what the local delicacy is, then gather everything you need and give it a shot.

Make funky cocktails on your glamping holiday

Shake it up with camping cocktails

You’ll be wanting something to go with that meal (or before it, or after it, or all three) so why not make your own instead of stocking up at the shop. Bring your cocktail shaker, glasses, spoon & jigger, and those metal things that go round your sleeves, if you have them, then get shaking.

You could even see what’s around you to flavour your tipple - a little rock salt from the beach, blackberries from the hedgerows, mint from a kitchen garden, anything to give that G&T a wild twist.

Spot wildlife on your glamping holiday

Meet the residents

A good glamping spot will always have a bit of wildlife worth looking out for. Most places also have a few identification books lying about too. Try sticking one in your pocket when you go out and making sure you keep your eyes and ears open.

If you move slowly and stay sharp, there will be tracks, call, spoor and even the animals themselves all around you to spot. Don’t just look for the big stuff too, as there are tiny bugs and butterflies that are as beautiful to see as hovering birds of prey or snuffling badgers.

Stylish decor in tent on your glamping holiday

Style your tent as you would your home

If you aren’t lucky enough to have Oliver Bonas doing your decor for you, put a little time into it yourself. Throw some of your favourite soft furnishings in the boot, maybe a bedspread, fun cushions, and a couple of floor runners.

String up solar powered lights around the entrance and maybe add a doormat to keep the dirt out and the standards up!