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Cabins in Loch Lomond

There is a point where the highlands and the lowlands meet – and it’s the site of one of the largest lakes in the UK. Loch Lomond is cojoined with The Trossachs as part of Scotland’s first national park. It’s a phenomenal place, with 21 Munros (that’s a mountain over 3000ft) framing a landscape that looks otherworldly, peppered in woodland of Scots pine and oak, and filled full of wildlife. Somehow, in all its remote and wild majesty – it’s still only an hour’s drive from Edinburgh and Glasgow, making it far more accessible than you’d imagine.

Featured cabins in Loch Lomond

The Douglas Boathouse
Argyll & Bute

The Douglas Boathouse

From £145 p/n
Blue Cottage
Argyll & Bute

Blue Cottage

From £170 p/n
Alder Cabin

Alder Cabin

From £160 p/n

Why book a cabin holiday in Loch Lomond with C&S??

When we look for a space, we’re not just trying to find a place to stay – it’s a place that’s unforgettable. A destination can be stunning, incredible, exhilarating – but if you start and end the day somewhere uninspiring then it’s a quick way to lose the magic. All of our spaces are inspected to look for character, creativity, a connection to nature and dare we say it – something special. From the places with the latest sound system, to the spaces with the bare necessities for the intrepid wilderness explorer.

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Our top cabins for a weekend break in Loch Lomond

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About cabins in Loch Lomond with Canopy & Stars

Why book a cabin in Loch Lomond We don’t know about you, but Monday morning commutes can often inspire daydreams about rural life in some mountain escape – something Canada-esque. A place where you have to split firewood, follow well-worn paths into the shade of soaring trees, and come back to a cabin to rest snugly in the wilderness beyond. You’ll find creatures here you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else, from golden eagles to deer, to otters.

Who we are Good question – every time you do anything, eat out, buy your weekly shopping, watch a film, stay some place – you’re voting with your money. We’re part family owned, part employee owned and part charitable trust. We pay special attention to not just environmental standards, but the working conditions our staff have. Our aim is to improve every step of travel, from the lives of the people who curate the spaces, to those visiting, to the people who make the area their home.

Why choose glamping? Any day of the year you can stay somewhere underwhelming. There’s no shortage of places to go that’ll blur into the humdrum showreel of places you visited, but didn’t see, soundscapes you listened to through the mirror-imaged walls of identical places – but didn’t hear. Glamping puts you in, not on a space – immersed in everything you went in search of. You can stay somewhere any day of the year, go live somewhere for a stay that’s unforgettable.

Can travel ever be good for the environment? At the moment? Good is a relative term. As it goes, glamping is a great alternative to regular travel and tourism. There’s a higher precedent on renewable energy, and ecologically sound practises, given their remote location. They’re also often off the beaten track, and away from the droves of travellers contributing to overtourism. Travel’s unavoidable entanglement with carbon generation makes any travel an issue we all ought to be mindful of, but choosing a company that’s working to mitigate what it can is a great first step.

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