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The Canopy & Stars Glamping Market Report 2023

Insight, trends and data on the future of glamping

In our 2023 Market Report, we find glamping stepping out of the shade and becoming a substantial sector of the travel market. With this growth comes a move away from its glamourous camping origins, towards something more sophisticated and professional that nonetheless keeps a connection to nature at its heart.

Recent global events are shaping consumer habits and driving further change but glamping, even though the word itself may soon be obsolete, still contains enormous potential for growth. This in turn brings big-budget competition, higher guest expectations and the welcome challenge of greater scrutiny on social and environmental responsibility. It’s clear that it’s going to be a significant and possibly dramatic few years as glamping takes its place in the sun.

The definition broadens, the potential explodes

The evolution of glamping

Glamping has now established itself as a fixture in the travel industry. What some thought might be an unrealistic spike caused by pandemic travel restrictions has turned out to be a permanent change in perception and consequently an enormous leap in potential.

Habits change, expectations rise

Consumer behaviour

The cost-of-living crisis, pandemic hangovers and the power of Instagram have altered consumer behaviour and extended the season, but savvy operators can respond by staying flexible and engaging with guests on new platforms.

Cabins thrive, design is king

Space type popularity

Glamping moves beyond its canvas origins towards high-end spaces of quality design and more year-round appeal, with cabins and treehouses beginning to take an overwhelming share of revenue and achieve impressive occupancy rates.

Wellness drives decision making, the industry pivots

Nature connection

In the aftermath of lockdown and with increasing stress in many aspects of life, guests look to bring nature into how they live and travel, with the industry turning to outdoor experiences and wellness messaging in response.

Guests demand added value, operators respond

The experience market

As the trend for experience-led travel accelerates, operators need to showcase more than their rooms, demonstrating added value to guests through features and activities available during a stay.

Responsibility and diversity drive development

Ethics & sustainability

Growing concern for the environment and a push for greater inclusivity mean travel companies face some tough choices, but have the chance to be at the forefront of a better version of the industry that’s slowly taking shape.

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