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Stay at George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

If you've been watching George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and thinking how much you'd love to stay in some of the places he's been, well, here you go. George has visited loads of the spaces created by our innovative owners on his hit Channel 4 show and now you can take your pick, from the treehouse with the folding roof to the stunning cabin by the river in Cumbria.

Listen to George Clarke on our podcast A Life More Wild...

We chat with George Clarke about his humble beginnings in creating treehouses as a kid, and the journey it took to build some of his more famous creations.

About George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces started way back in 2012, when Canopy & Stars was just two years old. Even in those early days, we already had a few places in our collection that found their way onto George Clarke's radar, like The Beermoth in Scotland and a Swedish mirrorcube. As the show went from strength to strength, we enjoyed as much as anyone seeing George wandering round the UK and Europe, championing the same sort of people and places that we do.

How do they choose George Clarke's Amazing Spaces?

We have to be honest here and say that we just don't know! We assume that George Clarke himself spends hours pouring over our Instagram feed and picking out the ones he likes, or is on our Sneak Peek mailing list so he can stay ahead of the game. One thing we love is how broad the selection featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces is. It's not about places being fancy and luxurious, or necessarily being in spectacular locations, but about them having individual character, which is how we build our collection too. We love anything from treehouses and log cabins to beautiful safari tents, whether they're on the coast of Cornwall or the Herefordshire hills. As long as they're done with a bit of flair, they're good enough for us and, we presume, George too.

When can I catch George Clarke's Amazing Spaces?

New episodes tend to air on Friday nights on Channel 4, but gone are the days when families would gather round a giant TV and see if there was anything on apart from reruns of the coronation. You can find ALL the episodes from all ten (at time of writing) seasons of George's Clarke's Amazing Spaces here on All 4. That's a lot of amazing spaces and an awful lot of George Clarke.

How can I get on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces?

It sounds simple, but... build an amazing space! We're always talking to creative people and helping them with their plans. Some have an old bus or barn they want help with, some have nothing but a field and the dream of building something that a genial architect will one day come and point at on camera. We even have a consultancy team that can help make your space as George Clarke-able as it can be. Get in touch to start to your journey from fan of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces to headline feature of the next series!

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